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LetsMeet2Eat App

The mobile restaurant app for searching, planning and more!

LetsMeet2Eat can find restaurants: 

  • Access millons of restaurants around the world.

  • Search by restaurant type, name or location.

  • App available in 16 different languages.  

With LetsMeet2Eat you can: 

  • Easily plan dinners, lunches, brunches, (you name it!) with friends or colleagues on places and times to eat. 

  • Vote on selected restaurants, dates and times through the app via text.

  • Take the stress out of finding the perfect spot to gather, together.

LetsMeet2Eat, personalized to fit your taste:

  • Provide your personal feedback to help drive future recommendations for you. 

  • The more feedback provided, the better the personal recommendations – it gets smarter after every rating.

  • Your personal feedback is private and shared with friends only when you want.  

LetsMeet2Eat, channel your inner Foodie:

  • Take and share photos from your event.

  • Get the latest Foodie News (FN) from major cities around the world via Facebook pages updated daily.  

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